Video Testimonials


It’s awesome, really. I can’t say enough about how well it’s tailored to the needs of the AEC industry. Our team has been using other products with varying degrees of satisfaction, but this beats the heck out of those. Thanks for a great tool.

Rob McKie, Architect, AECOM - Transportation

Alliance Power Solutions

On an everyday basis, Bluebeam helps create an environment where anything is possible in the creation and modification of PDFs. With the new release of Revu 11, users have even more functionality to work with such as the Format Painter. The capability to copy the formatted appearance from one annotation to another has sped up AS Built documentation tremendously. Also, with the creation of Sets and the ability to split documents into multiple sections, Bluebeam has now evolved the process of forming maintenance manuals into a well-oiled machine. We are more productive and proficient now than ever before as our customers electronically receive clean, professional closing documents. Overall, Bluebeam has allowed us to get an edge on our competition and ultimately go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Robert Howard, Construction Office Engineer


With the ever changing pace of our industry, we are constantly on the lookout for software that will allow our users to work with their projects in an efficient manner. With Bluebeam now being implemented into our office, we found the missing link we were looking for to increase our production while working with PDF files as well as the efficiency of creating these documents from AutoCAD as well as our MS Office Products.

Glen Hines, CAD Manager

BMR Structural Engineering

I wanted to pass along a big thank you for the creation of Revu’s 3D PDF tool. Using Revit structure, it can often be difficult to help others visualize the locations of the column supports through the building, especially when the columns are offset. We have used this tool to our advantage to help us explain and show exactly how the building elements fit together without being there to guide the client through the building. It is very satisfying to have a client in the office and open a 3D PDF in front of them. They are impressed right off the bat, but when we start to rotate the building that's when their jaws drop! We are getting more and more requests from people to get 3D PDF's of projects, so they can 'see' the building and walk around it.

Bill Neklia

Bristol Compressors

Bluebeam Revu has helped me revise and check drawings. If there is a revision on the same sheet size, the "Sync" feature works great at zooming in and helping me locate that change. When using pen and paper to check an old revision to a new revision, I would highlight or mark off what I had checked. I am now able to use Bluebeam's "Highlighter" for this and have taken the process paperless. I no longer have to wrestle drawings on my desk top.

Jeff Hamilton, Bristol Compressors

Buro Happold

We evaluated a number of PDF solutions from a variety of vendors. Bluebeam provided us with all the functionality we needed at a very competitive price. It not only met our AutoCAD needs but also integrated very well with Office providing all our users with a user-friendly PDF solution.

Andy Walsh, Senior Information Systems Developer

City of Plano, Texas

Using Bluebeam's markup tools to electronically redline drawings provides us with a better, more visual way to explain code requirements to architects designing in our City.

Anthony Han, City Plan Review Services Supervisor

Clark McCarthy Healthcare Partners

The new Batch Link feature reduces months of work into a single day.

Hunter Nelson, Project Engineer/BIM Coordinator

David Evans and Associates

We evaluated a number of PDF solutions and selected Bluebeam Revu because its features were clearly designed with an AEC firm in mind. Our technical users have all the advanced features they need to convert complicated AutoCAD drawings to PDF, TIF or JPG, while our other associates can use Bluebeam to easily convert Windows Office documents to secure files that they can easily share by e-mail.

John O'Brien, Director of Information Services

Douglas Battery

Bluebeam batch conversion from AutoCAD to PDF saves having to open each drawing file to create a PDF file. The best advantage I see is the fact that after Bluebeam creates a PDF file from a drawing file it does not leave the print file "parked" in Acrobat format so that it has to be changed to print to the printer or plotter.

James Earnhardt, Product Design Engineer

FLINT Builders

FLINT uses Bluebeam Revu to support collaborative and efficient construction. Every FLINT project uses Bluebeam’s intelligent PDF software to quickly post design revisions and clarifications resulting in real-time conformed documents that are easily accessible to everyone whether in their office, or on location at the jobsite. Gone are the days of the tattered hard copy set kept in the construction trailer with taped up pages and red ink. Life’s easier with Bluebeam!

John Stump, President

Harmon, Inc.

Harmon selected Bluebeam for its robust, flexible PDF creation, markup and editing features that can be used across multiple departments. For example, Revu's measurement tools make it the perfect solution for our sales team to complete project estimates, while its PDF creation and binding features are ideal for our administrators who create project reports.

Roger Zinke, Senior Business Analyst

Integra Construction, Inc.

I really like the takeoff feature. It makes life easier at a fraction of the cost of other on-screen takeoff programs.

Jason Blanton, Project Engineer

Mason Interiors

After using Bluebeam for less than a month, more like a week actually, our estimators were praising the software. With Bluebeam's markup tools, they have the ability to clarify the job requirements. This removes a number of questions that arise over the course of a regular job. Bluebeam has also become a great team building device.

Allen Frost

Morgner Construction

Bluebeam's specialized PDF technology is ideal for major construction projects where many partners and contractors are involved. Bluebeam's intelligent PDFs allow for superior document control, distribution and management, accelerating project lifecycles and simplifying project closure and archiving. Clients will receive higher quality deliverable at a lower cost.

Carlos Morgner, President & CEO, Management


I do not normally do this, but wanted to tell you what a great product Bluebeam Revu is. We do device takeoffs on electrical construction blueprints and your software really makes doing counts easy at an affordable price. Well done!

Jim Deiner

R2R Studio, LLC

Bluebeam has been very vital to the start up and initial success of my architectural firm. It has provided an effective method of client communication, a great format to print/plot drawings, while keeping my overhead low. All of which are very key factors to any new, small business.

Scott Osborn

Resource Systems Group, Inc.

I just have to say that Bluebeam is BY FAR the best new piece of software I have used in a long, long time. Not only does it make plan review and markups faster, easier (and more aesthetically pleasing!), Revu also doubles as a graphics production platform to adjust and refine graphics for final presentation. Great job to all!

David Saladino, P.E.

Stiles Corporation

The ability to work in Sets in Bluebeam Revu 11 is going to revolutionize how our teams work in PDFs. The ease of navigating a set of drawings will now take away a lot of excuses on why we can’t use paperless drawing sets.

The new page labeling and bookmarking tools are a prime example of how Bluebeam listens to their end user and implements new features based on that feedback.

Kris Lengieza, Director of Virtual Design and Construction

Sundt Construction

The ability to create custom toolsets allowed our project team to customize Bluebeam Revu to our specific project needs which included creating over 200 custom markups loaded with subject & responsibility coding that matched our subcontractor list and reflected our very complex and specialized project finishes. Bluebeam Revu allowed Sundt the opportunity to uncomplicate a seemingly complicated process by allowing unlimited customization.

Dominic Daughtrey, Project Engineer

Superior Balance & Commissioning, Inc.

I am using Bluebeam to mark up mechanical, plumbing and sheet metal drawings. I color and code these drawings as well as make comments on them. I also convert different types of file formats back and forth with Revu. It was a real stroke of luck that I stumbled across Bluebeam. We were at our wits end trying to find a program that fit our needs.

Greg Glendenning, Field Superintendent

US Reprographics

We researched many different solutions and found Bluebeam Revu to be, by far, the best solution to offer our members.

Kevin Rowe, President & CEO


Bluebeam Revu provides us with an easy solution. We were using another PDF software, but we discovered that Revu is the ideal solution for CAD users-it works better with large format drawings and produces a better PDF. Bluebeam allows us to easily create the PDFs our clients want. In fact, we do all of our client presentations using Bluebeam now.

Jim Grady, CAD Manager

Adams Frasch Design

We love your software. Sending PDF files to our service bureau instead of AutoCAD files insures that the plots print properly, with no line weight surprises. Bluebeam has enabled our small start-up practice to defer the cost of purchasing a plotter.

Jay Adams, Principal


Alvine Engineering

Bluebeam is quicker, faster, and more user friendly than any other PDF annotating software I have personally used! Without mentioning all of the capabilities Revu has, the use of shortcut keys has by far significantly reduce the amount of time I spend annotating PDFs. The user interface and shortcut keys alone have made the software worth the investment. Looking forward to many years of maximizing the use of PDF files with Revu!

Sam Haberman, PE, LC, LEED AP BD+C, Electrical Engineer

The Brimrock Group

I am thoroughly impressed by Bluebeam Revu. I have been using it to redline drawings and, after switching from Acrobat, it has hugely and dramatically increased productivity. In one test with an ANSI E sized drawing, a PDF print conversion took about 25 minutes with Acrobat while the same task, in the same program, with the same document only took Bluebeam about 47 seconds to convert.

Code Wohlers, Electrical Technologist

Cooper Rankin Architects

I can verify that up to this moment the program has been of help in correspondence between our firm and other companies hired to work for us. The program has made the process shorter and more convenient for our needs to communicate to others with our digital format drawings.

Mike Allsop, Designer and Architectural Tech

Duke Manufacturing

Bluebeam has truly increased my productivity. We convert all of our SolidWorks drawings into PDF format when we release them to our production floor. Typically when we release a product we have anywhere from 50 to 250 drawings that must be converted. As you can imagine, doing these all individually can take a lot of time. With Bluebeam, I can set it to do a batch print at night when I leave to go home and the next morning when I get in it is done. This is wonderful because it doesn't cost me any downtime creating the PDF files when I am at my PC during the day.

Jason Sands, Engineer Tech

Exeter University

I Just found a truly wonderful feature in your software - Compare Documents. I am looking at a drawing which has been revised and just like that I can see exactly where the changes have been made - such a time-saver.

David Dollman

FFKR Architects

Bluebeam has proven to be a great solution not only for expediting the delivery of project solutions, but for providing the high level of detail required to ensure clarity and understanding.

Steve Wall, Construction Administrator

Frac Shack International Inc

Bluebeam Revu has allowed us to move our accounting department to full paperless storage for both AR and AP. Revu allows remote managers to easily approve invoices as part of their workflow regardless of their location. This enables geographic expansion while maintaining the integrity of our processes. With all documents saved electronically, we save money on short-term and long-term storage costs, and have our documents in a searchable, easily retrievable format.

Lance Holmstrom CGA MBA, VP Finance

Gray Construction

Bluebeam improves communication and reduces paper usage and shipping so much that the software pays for itself in just one submittal process," said Gary Hisel, Gray Construction Senior Design Manager. "It used to take us at least eight days and twelve overnight packages to receive, review and respond to paper construction submittals. Now that we have Bluebeam, we're able to respond in as quickly as three days, and we've easily cut shipping costs in half.

Gary Hisel, Senior Design Manager

Habitat for Humanity

I am amazed by how much money, time and energy Habitat for Humanity will save using Bluebeam's technology. We will no longer have to send out expensive blueprints to project team members and corporate partners--we can now e-mail them an accurate PDF of our CAD drawings. The batch PDF creation functionality will allow us to quickly convert our database of AutoCAD drawings. The variety of applications we can use Bluebeam for is truly amazing.

Rob Locke, Construction Manager


We used Bluebeam Revu during the HAZOP to display drawings and capture comments with great success. It was a contributing factor in turning a 5 day review meeting into a 4 day review meeting. I would even say that improved the quality of the discussion that took place.

Marco Luzuriaga, EPC Industry Professional

The Mills Corporation

By implementing Bluebeam Revu we were able to reduce the time needed to make PDF files from AutoCAD by 65%. Bluebeam is now an invaluable tool in our office. Thanks for a well built, intuitive, and simple application to use.

John Niles, Manager of CAD Services

OPD Corp.

I really love the software, and it simplified our whole proposal process to customers...because nearly everyone has Acrobat Reader, they can access your files without special software. This has been a 'huge benefit' when corresponding with our Asian Distributors. Your software paid for itself the first week.

Doug Robinson, VP Engineering

R.L. Drafting

(Using Bluebeam) we're now able to create accurate quotes faster, without having to print. And we've reduced our paper usage by 85%.

Ian Jonsen, Senior Technology Manager

Select Metal Fabrications

Being able to combine individual sheet layers into multiple sheets in the one PDF document was exactly what I needed to do and Bluebeam's PDF solution for Solidworks did exactly that and so much more. This product has saved myself and our company hours of valuable time and is a worthwhile investment.

Daniel Fitzgerald, CAD/CAM Programmer

Stephen Thomas Marketing

I will definitely 100% be using Bluebeam every day. It has saved me an insurmountable amount of time when dealing with changes to art from the client and then trying to relay these changes to the artist. It has cut down on confusion and mistakes.

Stephen Thomas


Bluebeam Revu has paid for itself many times over in my landscaping business by increasing productivity and enhancing my communication with clients, contractors, coworkers and subs.

Cheri Stringer

Town of Brighton, NY, Dept. of Public Works

Not only is Bluebeam great for making PDF's from AutoCAD drawings, the PDF printer driver now allows me to create PDFs of my FoxPro Database reports. This will save great amounts of time in getting information to others electronically, instead of wasting paper and time copying everything. Thanks for making such a useful and powerful, yet easy to use product!

Rick Cortina

Universal Engineering

I am most impressed with the features of Bluebeam Revu. Prior to using this software, to convert AutoCAD DWG files to TIFF files we printed to paper media then physically scanned to acquire an electronic image, processing the image through several pieces of software to achieve the desired quality and standard. The ability to batch convert whole directories with Bluebeam is very useful. It is rare to find software that does what it says on the box.

Peter James

William A. Berry & Son, Inc.

This minor software investment can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. In comparing two similar projects over six months, we realized an 83% savings in printing and courier fees on the Bluebeam project. That's more than $25,000 in savings, which doesn't even begin to account for the cost savings from increased productivity.

Kevin Healey, Project Executive

Ace Hardware

Bluebeam is so easy to use and so practical that it left us wondering why we didn't get it sooner than we did. I am currently in the process of coordinating Bluebeam Revu on the field machines to make our jobs designing retail space for Ace Hardware that much easier. I'm grateful to the person who insisted I give Bluebeam a try.

Timothy Bussean, Senior CAD Designer, Retail Development



As an individual in a sea of paper, Bluebeam gave me two keys things: ease of use and clarity. Bluebeam allows me to markup and manipulate my documents any way I require, and it’s always easy to use.

Duane Gingras, Sr. Process Engineer

Blueline Design & Drafting

I want to thank you and your company for the great support and response time of getting me your product. Bluebeam Revu is an excellent program for what my needs are. The greatest part I like about your program is it is very user friendly. I have enjoyed your product so much I have introduced your program to one architectural firm and two engineering firms and what they have seen they like very much.

Craig Horsley


City of Carlsbad, California

Bluebeam software has simplified my work, making it easy to mark up plans and documents as if they were on my desk using a pen and marker. No more scanning marked up documents! I just click a button and the revised document is sent via email to my team. It has been the most valuable tool I have come across in a long time.  If you are not using Bluebeam, you are not keeping up with our industry.

Patrick McGarry, Civic Projects Manager

City of Joondalup

Bluebeam's PDF solution is extremely easy to use. I love the way it automatically adds a button to your application menu bar. It's PDF'ing made easy.

Grant Ingvarson

Devex Systems

We find Bluebeam to be an amazing piece of 'user-friendly' software.

Rod Lee

Full-Traction Suspension

I use the Bluebeam Revu program to convert my SolidWorks drawings to an easy PDF format that I can email to vendors and coworkers that do not have CAD. It makes shopping quotes fast and easy. The Bluebeam PDF converter is also very useful for converting any file that you would print to a PDF; I often use this for online ordering. Instead of printing an order confirmation or invoice on paper that I will throw away when the parts arrive, I just make a PDF and forget about it. The software is very easy to use and the price is very doable.

Drew Burroughs, R&D Engineer

HDR, Inc.

The Bluebeam product has proven to be an extremely useful tool which meets my specific needs quite well and saves my company money. It's user friendly and amazing in its versatility. We made a great deal when we purchased the software!

Linda Hammer

JE Dunn Construction

Bluebeam's ease of use is key in helping us quickly achieve a paperless workflow so we can increase efficiency, reduce paper and eliminate waste.

Jason Wright, Senior Project Manager


On the Overlook Project, Bluebeam was instrumental in helping us review and respond to project documents electronically. We found that Bluebeam was an essential part of streamlining and simplifying the construction administration process. The inherent simplicity of utilizing Bluebeam technology was key in helping achieve a cost effective, time sensitive, and sustainable solution to our daily work output.

Jay Bradley, Project Manager

Ryan Companies US Inc.

Bluebeam's true "one touch" PDFs have streamlined our process of production. Bluebeam's simplicity and reliability mean no more wasted time waiting to see "if" the PDF will be created. It just works!!! Batch creation is great, whether converting to individual files or combing several drawings into one. The addition of Stapler to combine several file formats and separate files into one compact PDF, allows us to remove the more expensive, less reliable software we were using. Thanks for responding to our needs with such a great tool set.

Dick Bates, Cad Manager

South Valley Drywall, Inc

Thank you for creating a powerful yet simple software program. In the short amount of time we have been using the software, our people cannot believe they worked without it for all these years.

Travis Vap, CEO, South Valley Drywall, Inc.

Walter P. Moore

I've used many other programs to create PDF files from AutoCAD drawings and Bluebeam is by far the best! I'm very impressed with the simplicity of the program. It's very easy to use and understand. I'm most impressed by how clearly the gray shading in my drawings print out. Usually the gray shading is pitch black when plotting, but not with Bluebeam Revu!

Alex Hernandez, Senior CAD Technician

Williams Scotsman

We don't even think about it, we have been using it for so long and it is so easy. I used the batch converter and it converted almost 800 basic floor plans without a problem.

Howard Scarpola, Cadd Department

Z Design-Build Group

I am enjoying the ease of use and ready compatibility of Bluebeam Revu. It performs well under heavy, daily use as I share data with my clients who don't have CAD software but still require electronic document delivery. Thanks for making my life/work easier.

Trent Zilmer

Adamson Associates Architects

No need convincing me on the power of Bluebeam. I think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Tarek Sharaway


I have to be honest with you – I simply love using Bluebeam Revu!

Pascal Najem, Construction Administration Manager

Bennor Engineering, LLC

Bluebeam is one of the best software applications I have ever come across. The depth of this software is just astounding.

Rudy Bennor

Blumentals/Architecture, Inc.

I love Bluebeam Revu! I have been extremely impressed with the functionality and usability. Bluebeam makes my work as an architect much easier.

Caleb Berge


Blach Construction Company

Bluebeam’s team has saved us hours and hours of work by supplying direction, being responsive, and generally just being helpful in getting the deployments configured and rolled out. As a company that places a tremendous focus on the service we provide to our clients, I can tell you that Bluebeam really stands above and beyond the rest.

Ryan Crane, IT Desktop Support Technician

Brown Consulting

I have nothing but positive feedback for Bluebeam Revu CAD Edition. I can't begin to tell you how much life is easier batch plotting PDFs from CAD files.

Joe Bacha

Carrier Johnson Architects

Bluebeam's product goes a long way to safeguard our intellectual property. It also makes it easy for recipients to print out our drawings with assurance that what they print is EXACTLY what we designed and how we want it represented.

Maurice Herman, Director of IT

Cintas Engineering R&D

Our Regional Engineers continue to rave about your software. They love being able to share drawings electronically with the use of PDF files. We also love the capability of being able to print to the Bluebeam PDF printer. That feature had proved very useful from some other software programs.

Tad Wirmel

City Green Solutions

I am continually impressed not only with the software, but with your company's fast and helpful customer service.

Mike Young, Energy Efficiency Services Advisor


City of Rowlett, Texas, Public Works

Since implementing Bluebeam into our plan review process, we have measurable results. The software has increased our turnaround time by giving everyone involved the same amount of time to review. We no longer have to 'wait in line' for our chance to review a plan set. We have noticed that second submittals are coming back with little or no corrections needed, which translates into faster project completion times. Engineers for private development have been amazed at the ways that they get our comments, and have given positive feedback for Bluebeam. The City of Rowlett is committed to going green, and one of the initiative’s is to go paperless. With the Bluebeam software, we no longer have various stages of plan sets lying around. You can tell that the team at Bluebeam listened to members of the industry and developed a software that is above and beyond what other review software offers.

Ryan Corbello, Engineering Assistant

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

The software is excellent and I'm already hooked. It's exactly what I've been dreaming about for the better part of two years. I can't believe it took me so long to find your software. I just wish I could get my money back from all the other solutions I've tried!!!

David Zadareky, Realtor

DES Architects + Engineers

Bluebeam Revu is one of those products that may seem novel today, but it will quickly push the boundary so that it is the expectation of our clients tomorrow.

Steve Mincey, CEO

Dow Corning

It is a pleasure to do business with a company that has such good and timely reply to a customers needs. I wish that all the vendors I deal with were as helpful as you guys. You have my business from now on.

Bill Stump

Geil Engineering, Inc.

Bluebeam technical support responds and provides information that actually works...not something I'm used to with other software companies.

Neil Rohde

GLY Construction

Bluebeam is a better solution for us, with better functionality for sharing and collaborating with PDF.

Rick Shanti, IT Manager

Hankins & Anderson Architects & Engineers

I use Bluebeam to do things like highlight my drawings. When I hold down the Shift key, it draws a straight line...Bluebeam makes me look like a stud!

Robert Shieh, Life Safety Department

Harris Madden & Powell, Inc.

I have to tell you that this is the BEST software ever!!!! I would give up coffee before I gave up Bluebeam and I am a JAVA JUNKIE !!!!

Wendy L. Baldwin, I.T. Administrator\Surety Administrator

KOMPAN Playgrounds

Bluebeam may very well be the greatest program ever created. I love it and have used it every day since I downloaded my trial.

Joel Rodell, Consultant

L.A. Olson Construction

We push out Revu like it's crack to our contractors.

Richard Snider, Project Administrator

Law Offices of David L. Lee

I just downloaded Bluebeam Revu eXtreme and LOVE the redacting function!!!! Bluebeam is the best new thing since the wheel.

Gillian Stoddard Leatherberry

Neill & Sons Dairy

In another life, I was a construction superintendent for JE Dunn in Kansas City. I ruled my world when the company let us use Bluebeam. It is the coolest program. So, when I changed my life, I used Bluebeam to help me in the planning and building process on my farm. Now I'm using Bluebeam to plan our crop and grazing strategy.

Eric Neill

Plymouth State University

Bluebeam Revu is one of my favorite programs! It makes it so easy to share my AutoCAD files with others across campus, and across platforms! You guys have an awesome product with Bluebeam. I am also very happy with your customer service.

Mark A. Casale, Architectural Drafting Specialist

SED Systems Inc.

I am getting a lot of love from the departments here, all for different reasons that are important to them: Information Services, Desktop Publishing, Manufacturing, and Engineering. The impact was not fully recognized by all involved until it was implemented. The overwhelming consensus was that we should have completed this sooner. As for the software, it took a second or two to really understand the features and how powerful it really is.

Ron Rawlyk

Todd Kramer

I use Bluebeam for my work in health care on a tablet PC to write prescriptions, faxing and writing patient progress notes. I am totally amazed - Bluebeam's one of the best purchases I've ever made for my computer.

Todd Kramer

University of Kansas

Bluebeam has made my life so much better! I cannot imagine not having it at this point in my academic career.

Gina Adams, Grad Student at University of Kansas

Way Of Sports

I appreciate your attention. I almost drop out of my chair these days when I get a personal response. So thanks again.

Gary Roberts

Axiom Development Group

This is one of the most awesome programs I've ever used. We do a lot of markups on plans and have found your program to be infinitely more user-friendly than Acrobat. I have just scratched the surface of the program but it has already saved me incredible amounts of time.

Scott Cruise, Principal

Corporate Interiors

We love Bluebeam and have tossed Adobe out the window!

Sheri Raiford

DRB Aviation Consultants

We have purchased a copy and it is now registered. I love the software - it beats PDF Nitro and Adobe Acrobat in ease of use, price and speed.

Neil Hocker

Earth Tech

With Bluebeam we have saved hundreds of hours over Adobe Acrobat. The return on investment is immeasurable. The only thing I do is truly just push a button.

Gail Flister


I don't know how I got along without Bluebeam. I've tried Adobe. They say they can do AutoCAD, but they don't read xrefs. What a disappointing mess. You got it right. Bluebeam's one of the most bug-free programs I've seen in a long time. Happy users like me will spread the word. Thanks again.

John St. John

Schlesinger Conrad Law Firm

Bluebeam has great tools for attorneys including redaction and bates numbering. I would recommend it to anyone contemplating spending $495 for Adobe 9 Pro.

Kira Schlesinger


I already bought Bluebeam Revu CAD...I love it. It does everything Adobe Acrobat does but better and it does about 300% more than the Adobe product. The video training is great, it reminds me of the Khan Academy videos. They are easy to follow and easy to use. Your product is inexpensive and far superior to your competition's. No need to sell me on this product - I am already recommending it to all my friends and colleagues. Not to sound like a huge nerd or anything but every time one of us finds a new helpful feature we get all excited and giddy to show it off to one another and to rub it in our colleagues' faces who are still using the Adobe product.

Joe Giaudrone, Assistant Project Manager

Systemair AB

We were about to convert approximately 5,000 DWG files to PDF files. We needed something better than Adobe Acrobat and downloaded a trial version of Bluebeam. We immediately realized that this program would save us a lot of time and we bought 25 seats. Now we use it every day for both AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer drawings and everybody is very satisfied with the ease of using Bluebeam Revu.

Jerker Krafft, Design Engineer

Tecumseh Industries Ltd.

Bluebeam kicks butt on Adobe!!!

Devin Anderson, Marketing/Operations Mgr.

Wellspring Building & Development Corporation

Bluebeam Revu makes my top three list for software with a great, intuitive interface and vast array of necessary features and functions. It totally 'blows the doors' off of Adobe Acrobat and I would have purchased Bluebeam had I known about it sooner instead of the last three versions of Acrobat.

Timothy Sorrentino, Owner & Construction Manager


As an individual in a sea of paper, Bluebeam gave me two keys things: ease of use and clarity. Bluebeam allows me to markup and manipulate my documents any way I require, and it’s always easy to use.

Duane Gingras, Sr. Process Engineer

EPC Industry Professional

We used Bluebeam Revu during the HAZOP to display drawings and capture comments with great success. It was a contributing factor in turning a 5 day review meeting into a 4 day review meeting. I would even say that improved the quality of the discussion that took place.

Marco Luzuriaga, EPC Industry Professional

Frac Shack International Inc

Bluebeam Revu has allowed us to move our accounting department to full paperless storage for both AR and AP. Revu allows remote managers to easily approve invoices as part of their workflow regardless of their location. This enables geographic expansion while maintaining the integrity of our processes. With all documents saved electronically, we save money on short-term and long-term storage costs, and have our documents in a searchable, easily retrievable format.

Lance Holmstrom CGA MBA, VP Finance

Leading Global EPC Contractor

Revu enables us to share information in real time, increasing the quality of our projects while reducing the amount of time it takes to complete them.

David L. Bowman, Senior Applications Specialist CAD Ops, Leading Global EPC Contractor

Plant Integrity Management

Now that we are using Revu, we are able to create electronic drawings that better enable us to quickly manage change. For example, if equipment or flowlines are changed, we can easily move the markup onto the new P&ID without a lot of work. We can also use one master set of P&IDs with multiple layers of markups, which makes it easier for us and our clients to see various details and the big picture.

Jennifer Geddes, Corrosion Engineer at Plant Integrity Management