Bluebeam Revu provides powerful PDF creation, markup, editing and collaboration technology for paperless workflows. It is available in three editions: Standard, CAD and eXtreme.


Bluebeam Vu is a free professional PDF viewer designed for you. Vu is simple, artfully designed to contain the power and speed you need without excess.

Bluebeam on iPad

Bluebeam Revu for iPad and Vu for iPad enables mobile professionals to work without limits. Access, markup, edit and collaborate on PDFs from anywhere, anytime.

Advanced Technologies

Is Advanced for me? Are you an IT professional looking to automate PDF creation on a file server or through a document management system? Or maybe you are an IT consultant who needs to integrate PDF markup functionality with files on a web server? Perhaps you have a need for collaboration technology that is controlled behind your firewall? If so, Bluebeam Advanced Technologies, Q, bFX and Studio Enterprise, offer server-based solutions and information protocols designed to work seamlessly with your enterprise systems.

Bluebeam Q

Q is the ultimate solution for creating high-quality PDFs in a centrally managed environment by automating the production of PDFs from original source files. Bluebeam Q is installed on a server and powers PDF processing and publishing through four different options: Network PDF Printer, Watched Folders, Script Engine and an API (Application Programming Interface).


File Exchange, or bFX, is a protocol that enables Bluebeam Revu to open PDF files from a remote location, such as a website, add markups and then post the markups back into the remote location.

Studio Enterprise

A server-based solution for organizations that want to use Bluebeam Studio™ to collaborate and share information more securely in a locally hosted environment, behind their own firewall.