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March 2015

Mark your calendars, because the date for our 2015 Bluebeam eXtreme Conference has been set! In this issue of the Insider, we also take a look at how Rogers-O’Brien is helping to shape the future of wearable technology in construction and how one man’s creative use of Revu is helping to prevent the illegal trade of endangered crocodile species.

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How Can I Get My Markups to Adjust to the Scale of a Drawing?

Have you ever added markups to a document that contained different scales or viewports and wondered how to proportionally resize them? Well, we have some good news! One of the new features we’ve implemented in Revu 2015 is the Dynamic Tool Set Scaler, which lets you place correctly scaled markups on your calibrated drawings based on the relationship between the scale of the tool set and the document.

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